Aquaus Handheld Bidet For Toilet

Aquaus Handheld Bidet...So Simple & Refreshing

Aquaus Hand Held Bidet For Toilet

The Ultimate Bathroom Accessory...

The Aquaus Handheld Bidet & Multi-Use Spray Wand is an inexpensive and simple way to retrofit any bathroom with a Bidet (Shattaf) for the highest level of personal hygiene for living clean and green. The stylish and ergonomic bidet spray wand was designed for the most flexibility of uses.

Made In The USA

The Aquaus Bidet for toilet  is made in the USA with domestic and global components. Domestic production, testing, assembly and packaging ensures that you are receiving the highest quality products while creating jobs in the USA. The Aquaus bidet American made t-connector and shut-off valve is designed and manufactured to the highest quality brass production standards in the world.  Don't be fooled by less expensive handheld bidets with a low quality  foreign made toilet adapter.   High quality, American made plumbing code compliant components do cost a little more. But, are well worth the additional amount knowing you're installing the highest quality and most reliable plumbing products in your  home.

USA & Canada Plumbing Code Compliant

The Aquaus Handheld Bidet includes an NSF certified, American made, plumbing code compliant T-connector and shut-off valve with 2 plumbing code required NSF / CSA certified back flow protectors. This makes the Aquaus the only handheld bidet on the market that is plumbing code approved for installation on toilets in the USA and Canada.

Most Flexibility of Uses

No other type of bidet seat attachments or built-in bidets allow you to easily rinse all your bottom areas from any angle or position while comfortably sitting on the toilet like the Aquaus handheld bidet spray wand with its precision, high pressure spray pattern.  What makes the Aquaus bidet spray wand truly unique and efficient is the spray button located on the front of the sprayer below the spray head.  This allows you to easily use your thumb and spray up while rinsing your bottom, keeping your hand clean and dry.  The Aquaus spray wand is also great for rinsing and cleaning the toilet after you go, along with many other cleaning uses that are not possible with seat bidets and built-in type bidets.

New - StayFlex™ Stainless Steel Spray Hose

The Aquaus Handheld Bidet for Toilet now includes our NSF Certified, StayFlex™ 48" long, stainless steel, high-pressure spray hose with a burst rating of 270 psi. New StaxFlex hose design includes double hose crimps on both ends, high pressure braided polymer inner hose and solid brass, 360º swivel nut so you can easily rotate and maneuver the sprayer while rinsing. The patent pending, state-of-the-art design allows the StayFlex hose to stay completely flexible when pressurized. Hose diameter is only 11mm making it less noticeable and easier to maneuver.   Patent Pending.

Easy Installation

The Aquaus Handheld Bidet for Toilet simple installation does not require tools or a plumber and offers several mounting options for the sprayer.      See installation video below!

Pays For Itself & Saves You Money

The average person spends over $60.00 a year  for toilet paper.  A family of 4 can use over $250.00 a year.  Using the Aquaus Handheld Bidet and rinsing with fresh running water reduces toilet paper use by 90%. Tissue paper is only needed for drying. Why use dry, rough and abrasive toilet paper or costly chemical filled wet wipes when you can use the Aquaus bidet and rinse with fresh running water while comfortably sitting on the toilet!

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American Style Toilets

Chrome Plated ABS Bidet Spray Wand With On/Off Button

Chrome plated ABS Bidet Spray Wand with on/off button, 1 inch round accurinse jet spray pattern, antidrip spray head, and stainless steel spring. NSF certified.


2 Plumbing Code Required NSF / CSA Certified Backflow Preventers.


Spray Wand Holder


Spray Wand Holder can be mounted on the toilet tank with the flexible clip or holder can be mounted on the wall.